There are a lot of ratings, official and unofficial, that determine the strength of football clubs, but they are all temporary, because they show the team level at a certain point of time. How to objectively find out which club can be considered the greatest of all time? The answer is very simple – count the trophies won.

In this article, we present an interesting infographic about the most titled clubs in the world. It is not for nothing that only the result is remembered in football, and the most important result for football players and coaches is not just a victory, but a won title. If we take into account the most popular leagues in the world, an interesting picture emerges. The most titled football club in the world appeared Barcelona, which has already collected 135 trophies, and the closest pursuer and concurrently the main Catalans’ opponent of all time – Real Madrid – has “only” 111 titles. By the way, if you want to find free football predictions for today, follow the link.

But everyone remembers that the Madrid club is the only one who won 12 times the main trophy among all European club tournaments ­– the Champions League (The Champions Cup). Earnings also depend on titles, earlier we have talked about the richest and most expensive football clubs in the world and highly paid footballers. In the third place is Bayern, which are close to Manchester United, Liverpool and Juventus. The top ten also includes Milan, Arsenal, Inter and Athletic Bilbao. As well as the clubs with the most titles in Spain, in UEFA tournaments and in all international competitions. By the way, if you want to get a 1x bet promo code and make a profitable sports bet, follow the link provided.

Thus, the hegemony of the Spanish giants in the international arena continues and it is unlikely that any other country will be able to impose serious competition in the near future. Therefore, we offer another comparative characteristic of Real Madrid and Barcelona for 35 years in terms of trophies won. Was the article interesting and informative? Do you want more interesting football news and be aware of the latest developments? Then follow the link and subscribe to the football portal updates.