The last two years were a test for humans. The pandemic worldwide, the war and the subsequent economic crisis caused humans to think about the things that matter most and the best way to deal with catastrophes as a global community. The solidarity and support will only help restore the chaos. The community is still undergoing these unprecedented circumstances of emotional and financial turmoil. The impact of disengagement from society and uncertainty is still in the air. People tried different methods to counter the negative impact, and alcohol sales soared, and consumption of alcohol increased dramatically. People sought refuge in alcohol and drugs to deal with the financial burden and emotional trauma.

The Turmoil

Addiction refers to the inability to quit taking any substance or cease the action in simple terms. One cannot resist the urge to take action even if it results in mental, financial and physical damage. Many people believe that addiction is due to a lack of self-control or will. However, in reality, addiction is a complicated health problem with many causes, such as trauma, social isolation, environmental, biological risk factors, and genetics. One in four Australian people develops an addiction to alcohol or gambling in their lifetime. Despite the widespread belief that addiction is not a problem for everyone, it affects individuals of all ages and social standing.

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It is a natural human trait that creates world-class entrepreneurs, ingenuity and creativity. However, problems arise when one goes beyond the boundaries or wants to gamble recklessly. About one percent of the world’s population is affected by problematic gambling. Gambling that is reckless and uncontrolled is classified as a disorder by the World Health Organization (WHO). It is possible to enjoy gambling even when they lose a reasonable amount. A few times a week, playing a game of poker or PG Slot is always fun and exciting. But the risk increases when gambling interferes with the life of the family and society of the participant.

Help groups

According to the Gambling Commission, there were around 600,000

gamblers addicted to the UK in 2020. The majority are unemployed men, rather more than retired or students. The problem gamblers of males range between twenty-five and thirty-five ages. They are mostly minority ethnic or black communities, whereas the rest are white European and Asian people. Furthermore, many gamblers are suffering from other physical and mental ailments.

A gambler has to acknowledge the problem of gambling before taking the necessary steps. A problem cannot be resolved until one understands the root of the problem. The American Psychiatric Association states addiction is a mental health issue similar to that of alcohol or drug addiction. There are many support organizations across the globe to assist those who are struggling with addiction. Members of the group share the same previous experience. They do not condemn or criticize the individual but are caring and compassionate toward the person.

While they’re not counselors with professional credentials, they provide a compassionate and strong shoulder to lean on. Replace negative behavior with positive ones, such as yoga, swimming, walking and meditation. People can focus on the positive aspect of life. Gambling through PG Slots could be fun, but it should always be done within a limit.