If you have been betting and placing wages regularly on your favourite spots and evens, you may have come across free bets before. Typically, bookmakers provide these bets as an incentive for players for signing up for an account with them or reward existing customers.

Bet365 is one of the most famous gambling operators in the world. It uses the term bet credits on its promotions. It offers bet credits to players who create an account with it. The most players can get in bet credits is £100 when they sign up with the bookmaker for the first time.

Qualifying for Bet Credits

To claim your bet credits, there are two things you need to do. First, you should make a qualifying deposit, which is a minimum of £5 to get a matching amount in bet credits worth up to £100. You must place bets that match the deposit’s value and let those bets settled. When the bets are determined, you will get your best credits and can begin wagering with them. You should do this within thirty days of opening your account. If you prefer to make multiple deposits before claiming, your biggest qualifying deposit is that one that counts.

Using the Bet Credits

You can use the bet credits once you fulfill the turnover requirement. This means you have to place normal bets worth £100 (with at 1.20 and above odds). If you decide to put an accumulator bet, you must ensure one of the bets has odds of 1.20 or more. Although you may be required to place a £100 bet, this does not mean you must bet that amount all at once. What you can do is to place several small bets worth £2, £10, and £20 bets until they accumulate to £100.But, before you place your bets type in the offer code and activate your bet credit. Also, make sure that the bets you place settle within 30 days after using the offer code.

Terms and Conditions

Just like other bonuses and promotions with online betting websites, you need to follow some terms and conditions before you can claim the full offer. With bet credits from bet365, your bet should have a minimum of one selection at odds of -500 or greater. You can learn more about this by visiting Freebets.org.uk.

Benefits of Using Bet Credits

Bet credits giveyou the chance to bet on events with free money. Also, you can break down the bet credits and use them in any way you see fit. You may want to use the credits on one game or bet a little on several games. Plus, you can choose to adopt a strategy when using those bet credits.

Furthermore, you can decide when and how to use bet credits and choose the amount you want to use. You can use your available bet credits on different sports, bets, or markets. Any winnings you generate from these bet credits are credited as cash and you can withdraw based on the standard rules. Another benefit of using these bonuses is that you can use them alongside or in conjunction with a cash balance. You can choose to partially fund a wager with bet credits if you want.